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I am most passionate about capturing my family in all it’s glory. I want to photograph them just as they are. So that they will have little reminders to look back on. If ever I am not there to hold them and tell them how loved they are, or how worthy, capable and incredibly brilliant they are, they will have these pictures to look back on. They will see me holding them, they will see their siblings laughing with them and their Dad throwing them in the air. They will see love in a million words.

I am available for birth photography, family adventure sessions, in-home lifestyle, fresh 48, documentary newborn, and maternity photo sessions. If you would like to see more of my work in a specific area let me know!

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I am 100% self taught and simply love the artistry of photography. I shoot on full manual and use mostly natural light, with births as the exception. Photography is my life's work. I take photos every single day.  Every photo on this site was taken by me.